about Lynn

I’m a scientist who craves writing as a creative outlet. I survived graduate school in part thanks to occasional escapes into the worlds I’d made. (Video games such as the Halo series helped too.) I completed the first draft of my first novel during and just after graduate school, and I continue to write — and revise — as I advance in my academic career.

I develop universes based on sets of rules, though many of those rules aren’t valid in the world in which we live. I’ve found myself writing modern urban fantasy, high/epic fantasy, and science fiction. I’ve learned about people, cultures, perspectives, wormholes, and genetic manipulation as a result of the non-academic research I’ve done for these stories. However, for me, the best part of writing is developing a character or series of characters that live in these universes and watching them make decisions based on the conditions and situations that they face.

I’m queer. There, I said it in my blog bio and even wrote a post about it. That’s a big thing for me. I’m still coming to terms with my identity (biromantic/demisexual/nonbinary), and I’m forever grateful to the supportive Twitter community I’ve found who listen to my doubts and struggles.

ANYWAY. This blog is a place for my long-winded musings on writing, science, and other topics. My author website provides a central location for links and information related to my writing. Shorter and more random thoughts can be found on Twitter:

I’d say Twitter is the fastest way to get in touch with me, but if you’d like to use more than 140 characters, my e-mail address is lmforrest15 AT gmail [dot] com.

Why “Lynn Forrest”?
As a scientist, I already have multiple journal publications with my name attached. I don’t want someone searching for my scientific work to find my fiction instead (or vice versa), so I use a pen name. “Lynn” has been my favorite (gender-neutral!) name since I was a teenager, and “Forrest” plays off my real last name.


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