the importance of a few words

Right now, I’m not a great writer.

I’m capable of writing well. I’ve written things that work. But at the moment, I’m not good at writing. Amidst a busy semester (and a bunch of little unexpected things), I haven’t found that much-needed rhythm of getting in a little writing every day.

I was down about that for a while. I hated being so tired, so worn out, so not in control of my own schedule that I couldn’t write.

Thankfully I have amazing friends who encourage me to keep writing, who blow me away by how they feel about words I’ve managed to get onto the page.

Today I saw this tweet:

It’s one of many reminders that a few words can go a long way. Don’t forget to highlight what your writer friends do well. I want to encourage my friends who write to keep going, and I can’t thank enough those who support me.


4 thoughts on “the importance of a few words

  1. There will always be a time when the words fail to come, especially after you have accomplished something big. I believe we forget that. We fall into a large hole and think something is wrong. However, nothing is wrong. We just need time to regroup and we can do that in many ways, even if it means writing a couple of emails. Because emails written from the heart are also works of art. I know because whenever I hit a stump I’ll write a nice long email to one of my friends. They write me back, telling me how much they appreciated it and some even keep them in their treasure troves.
    Don’t push yourself. Take a step at a time, and hang in there. You can do it.
    All the best.

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