the bright side

he knows when I’m getting out canned cat food
(he should know darting between my legs slows things down
but no, he does that anyway)

he runs up to me when I get home from work
(the healthy cat hides; doors are SCARY)

he talks back to me
meowing in response to my inane conversation
just like before he got sick

he curls up on my lap or next to me while I write
he tolerates my snuggles and nuzzles

he loves sunshine and windowsills and neck scratches
belly rubs too (really!)

he’s smart, too smart for his own good
yet that’s part of what makes him special

he’s happy and comfortable (aside from pill time)
all because of an eventual diagnosis and medication

yeah, there’s stress and anxiety and frustration galore
but it’s worth it

it’s worth it


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