empty reserves

Today, I wanted to say something supportive, something encouraging, something that adds to the discussion and reminds me why I try to participate in this group every month.

Today, I can’t.

I’m currently struggling with a lot of stress-inducing factors in my life right now, decisions I have to make, issues with finances and health and family.

My writing is suffering for it. I’ve lost faith in what I’ve written, I’ve lost motivation to edit words already on the page, and I’ve lost inspiration to create new things.

I’m sorry I couldn’t overcome my insecurities and self-doubts today. Maybe next time. Hopefully next time.


2 thoughts on “empty reserves

  1. Sometimes sitting back and taking a break is necessary. I hope you sort out all the other issues in your life and your creativity flows again unrestricted. Sending love and warm thoughts in your direction.

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