the joy of revisions

Revisions can be fun!

Yeah, I said it.

My Pitch Wars mentor gave me some stellar feedback on my manuscript. She put name and face to the things I sensed were wrong but couldn’t identify. And her questions gave me an avalanche of ideas.

One little thought led to another to another and suddenly I struggled to hold myself upright.

It was AWESOME. It still is.

I’m falling in love with my characters again. I’m loving the relationship between the two leads. They’ll say funny things to each other, they’ll say things they regret, and they’ll say things that mean the world.

I’m giving my queer MC more agency. She’s reaching out and claiming the opportunities that come her way rather than bracing for waves as they hit her. Other opportunities she creates herself.

It’s becoming a better book.

Dear IWSG friends, don’t be afraid of revisions. Embrace them. Yes, buckle down and write that first draft. Then give yourselves the freedom–and the space–to tackle what doesn’t work. To improve it. To transform it into the best possible version of itself.

As the incomparable Victora Schwab said:


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