breathing room

I needed some breathing room so badly today.

An acquaintance committed suicide the week before National Suicide Prevention Week. I’m unable to go to a wedding thanks to work responsibilities. My house is still a mess from moving; the boxes are hidden in closets and behind doors, but I know they’re there. I no longer have a secluded writing space. My weekend was absorbed by fun yet time-consuming activities. And today a professor was killed in his office, an event that hits a little too close to home. (That’s quite a range of things, I know, yet they all bother me in different ways.)

My confidence in my writing has suffered alongside all of this. “But Lynn, you’re in PITCH WARS! How could you possibly be suffering from insecurity?!”

Uh, news flash: every writer suffers from this no matter where they are on their writing journey. From querying to submission to sales, WORRYING and INSECURITY lurk–and sometimes scream–over your shoulders.

We Pitch Warriors are no different. Thankfully we have a place we can gather and vent our worries and frustrations and doubts and fears. We have a place to be lifted up and to lift others up.

Spending a little time there today took a weight off my shoulders. It’ll return some other day, but for now, I needed that space, that room to breathe, that chance to feel normal and human and battered yet unbroken.

If you’re one of those in Pitch Wars who knows that space I speak of, I appreciate you SO much.

If you’re not in Pitch Wars, I hope you’ve found a community of writers and CPs and beta readers to go to during the tough times, on the dark days, in the querying trenches. If you haven’t, seek one out. It’ll do you a world of good.

As so many better writers have said before me, you don’t have to write alone. It’s your book, your words, your thoughts and ideas and sculpted characters, but you don’t have to go through the process alone. You shouldn’t go through the process alone. And if there’s ever anything I can do for you, give me a shout!


One thought on “breathing room

  1. Insecurity is natural in all parts of life, but most especially in creative work it seems. Maybe because it’s so personal. Maybe because we inject so much love into it. Maybe because there’s so much competition. Whatever the reason, you’re definitely not alone!

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