still in shock

This is not the IWSG post I expected to write. I thought I’d be talking about writer communities and the joy of waiting with others for contests and the inevitable I-didn’t-get-picked-but-I’ll-keep-trying sentiment.

The Pitch Wars picks were announced early, Tuesday night instead of Wednesday.

I was picked.


And not just that. I entered the manuscript I thought would never find a home, one I’ve discussed previously. One that got some amazing feedback because I didn’t get into a different contest.

I’m tearing up again. Happy tears. I don’t know where this manuscript will go, but I have the best mentor who believes in it and in me and yeah tears. Such happy tears.

All you insecure writers out there, KEEP TRYING. You have a story you need to tell. Find your people. Find your support. Find your CPs, your betas, your cheerleaders.

I found a home I never expected on Twitter. I found friendship and advice and positive thinking and constructive criticism thanks to people there and IWSG. I found friends I never would’ve met otherwise. I found MY PEOPLE.

And now those people have cheered me into a contest I never thought I’d make it into.



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