an independent girl

For this Weekend Writing Warriors entry, I’m sharing the introduction of one of my two MCs from my CampNaNoWriMo project. That means it’s on the rough side, but it’s the project that reinvigorated my writing a few weeks ago when I was struggling with insecurity over my most revised WIP. I’m hoping that sharing a glimpse of Noelle will inspire me to persevere in writing it: my word count has slowed due to life responsibilities, and I’m no longer confident I’ll make it to 20k by the end of the month.

For context, the story is YA fantasy, the first YA I’ve ever tried to write.

Noelle hated turning seventeen.

Seventeen marked her as a woman. Seventeen made her eligible. Seventeen sent her parents foraging for husbands.

She didn’t want one. Not yet. Maybe not ever.

She could hunt just as well as all the unmarried young men in the village. She could hit birds with her arrows – flying ones. She could skin a rabbit faster than any of them except Amos or Cale or her older brother, Neil.


6 thoughts on “an independent girl

  1. I don’t envy her for living in a world where seventeen is still considered ripe for the picking. Hopefully she’ll find a way out of it, or perhaps find a partner she wants instead.

    Every little bit counts, even if you don’t make your word count goal. You can always lower it, if you feel you can’t make your original estimate.


  2. Noelle sounds pretty capable to me! I love her attitude and her skills – great snippet. Putting on my Moderator hat, can you include one of our Badges next time? I did see the link back to the main page, which was perfect & thanks!


  3. Loving the strength of Noelle’s voice here. To use the word foraging when searching for potential husbands for her… it shows exactly how she feels. Very strong piece


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