Weekend Writing Warriors

This is my first post for Weekend Writing Warriors. It’s a group of writers who post 8-10 sentences from their WIPs on their blogs every weekend (between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning). Click the link to see the home page and the full list of people involved. I’m looking forward to reading other entries!

Today’s snippet is from Night Watch, the quasi-complete urban fantasy WIP I complained about in my last post.

Three steps back onto the lawn, only the muscular flap of leathery wings announced the arrival of death.

The two of them instinctively dove in opposite directions, rolling in the grass. The ghoul’s claws raked deep furrows in the ground where they’d just been standing. As soon as her feet fell flat on the dirt, Blake pushed herself upright and brandished her knife.

Wings?! Since when do ghouls have wings?! Ian exclaimed into the recesses of his mind. But there wasn’t any other description for the beast that stood a head taller than him. From what little Ian could see in the dim lighting, the thing’s grotesque form – deformed head, bulging muscles, wrinkled skin – looked every inch a ghoul aside from the giant flying limbs attached to its back, its wingspan wider than it was tall.


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